2100 Edition 2

2100 – October 2012


18pp Hand sewn, laser printed on conqueror with hand tipped in Instagram images with aphorisms and thoughts, hand drawn illustration on each cover. The second in a series of 10 editions of 10 booklets.


” In a language based solely on touch, all knowledge and wisdom would be constantly at our fingertips “

Status: Edition of 10,  4 Available


These editions are available free to anyone who would like them. The aim of this project is to send 100 booklets to 100 different people, so if you’ve already got a copy, I request, in the nicest possible way(!) that you please choose something else from my selection or download a free copy from magcloud.

For your copy simply send an email to richard@100realpeople.co.uk.

2100 Edition 2 Find out more on MagCloud)

Magcloud digital downloads of 2100 edition 2 are FREE, if you want a printed copy then you will need to pay the (modest) magcloud fee for the item – there’s no mark up!

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