2100 Edition 1

2100 – May 2012

18pp Hand sewn, laser printed on conqueror with hand tipped in Instagram images with aphorisms and thoughts. The first in a series of 10 editions of 10 booklets.

“The inquisitive six year old asked: ‘ What if a crumb of the sun were to fall down? What would happen to us? ‘ I had no answer to this. Instead I wondered whether to tell him the truth of how the sun, rather than enlightening as it’s beams penetrate our environments, actually plunders colour, tone, hue and warmth from all it touches; over time, permanently. Not wanting to instigate any sort of heliophobic condition in the youngster,  I decided against it.”

Status: Edition of 10,  0 Available

Even though the handmade issues are gone, you can still get a copy at Magcloud. Digital downloads are FREE, or you can get a printed version by paying Magclouds (modest) fee – there’s no markup on it!

2100 Edition 1 Find out more on MagCloud)


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